Saturday, 26 May 2012


A fight erupted in the Ukrainian Parliament on Thursday after a heated debate over proposed legislation that would make Russian the second-official language in parts of the country where Russian is the dominate language.

The fight pitted supporters of the pro-Western opposition against current President Viktor Yanukovych's party. The pro-Western opposition wants to see Ukraine rise and become independent of Russian influences, while the pro-Yanukovych group has wide support in the Russian speaking east.
"You're a corpse, you have two days left to live, we will crucify you on a birch tree," said Vadim Kolesnichenko, who stated members of the opposition threatened him, the Unian news service reported.

There was one report of a member of parliament who backed the opposition, Mykola Petruk, who was hit on the head and was taken to a local hospital.
Lawmakers have often fought during sessions of the Ukrainian parliament. In December 2010, a fight broke out which resulted in six legislators being taken to the hospital.
That fight started after members of Yanukovych's party threw chairs and assaulted opposing lawmakers when they grew tired. They felt those members had been stalling legislative work that day.
Hmmm, guess it's not only in Nigeria things like these happen...

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  1. And I tot the touts a.k.a agberos were here in naija