Monday, 28 May 2012

Doctor to pay child support after failed abortion... REALLY

A Spanish doctor has been forced to pay child support after a botched abortion caused a mother to believe she was no longer pregnant until it was too late.
In what is a one-off case for Spain, the Palma de Malloca court, on the island of Majorca, has ordered the doctor, who has not been identified, to pay $1,300 per month until the child turns 25, The Guardian reports.
The 25-year-old mother's lawyer said there had never been a case like it in Spain, and "we don't know if it has ever happened anywhere else in the world".
Sometimes, i wonder who make these laws, pay child support for a child u don't even know his mother.. read more after the cut

The mother gave birth in October 2010, six months after she had an abortion in the city's Emece clinic when she was almost seven weeks pregnant.
Two weeks later her doctor gave her a scan and told her she was no longer pregnant, but after another three months the woman went back to the clinic thinking she had fallen pregnant by mistake again.
Doctors found she was still carrying the same pregnancy, which was now into the sixth month and well past Spain's 22-week limit for abortions.
Judge Francisco Perez said the doctor paid virtually no attention to the scan and the court awarded the mother a lump sum of $190,000 on top of child support.
The mother's lawyer Eva Munar said she had suffered huge stress fearing the baby may have been injured by the failed abortion.
She was also forced to reveal the pregnancy to her family.
The mother told journalists she had no choice but to accept her situation and is now happy.
"When I have to explain all this to him, I'll try to make sure he feel okay about it — it was back then he was not wanted, not now," she said

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