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FBI Reveals Why Nigerian-Born Christmas Day bomber’s Underwear Failed to Detonate – “Because he had worn them for THREE WEEKS!”

on December 25th, 2009, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, a Nigerian tried to detonate an explosive aboard a Northwest Flight 253 over Detroit in the United States of America. As the son of one of Nigeria’s most prominent businessmen and someone who had access to international travel and a world-class education, his terrorist act took Nigeria by surprise.
Umar has since been sentenced to life imprisonment without parole. However, the FBI has recently revealed the reason why the explosives failed to go off.
During his trial he said the bomb in his underwear was a ‘blessed weapon’ to avenge poorly treated Muslims around the world.
Two FBI agents told WXYZ TV that Umar confessed to the plot, saying that he had worn the explosive underwear for three weeks in order to get used to it and make sure he could get it through security.
“So basically for three weeks he wore this garment, these underwear with this device in it. We think ultimately that is probably what caused the disruption in the sequence of events in the explosion,” said FBI agent Ted Peissig.
The agents also revealed that Umar was not recruited by al Qaeda, but the other way around.
“He sought out al Qaeda relentlessly,” another FBI agent on the case, Mike Connelly said. “He persisted and he was almost turned away at times, you know, by al Qaeda. But he refused to relent.”
FBI agents also say the Underwear Bomber might have inadvertently foiled his own plot because of his obsession about making sure the bomb would not be detected. They further revealed that he had been instructed to detonate the bomb over a populated area to maximize the death toll.
Here is the account of the FBI agents as reported by WXYZ TV
In Abdulmutallab’s mind it was an act of martyrdom and jihad. He had no feelings for the men, women and children around him who were about die, according to the FBI agents.
“He did not bat an eye in saying if that plane was going to go down, it was going to go down. That was God’s call. That wasn’t his call. His responsibility was just to detonate the bomb, and whatever happened, happened,” says agent Connelly.
As the huge jumbo jet carrying over 300 people was approaching Detroit, Abulmutallab disappeared into the restroom to wash himself, a ritual for his passage into the next life. When he returned to his seat he told the guy sitting next to him that he wasn’t feeling well.
“And pulled a blanket almost completely concealing himself up to the chin,” says Agent Peissig.
Using a plastic syringe, Abdulmutallab injected a mixture of liquids and solids into the explosive chemicals already packed into his underwear.
But Instead of exploding, the bomb burst into flames, setting his clothes and the blanket on fire, seriously burning him.

The two agents who visited Nigeria during the course of his investigation said they extracted detailed and chilling information about Abdulmutallab and his mission, getting a rare glimpse into the mind of a suicide bomber.
“In his tone, his conversation, he’s very reserved,” adds agent Connelly. “He’s deliberate in his speech.”
“The witnesses remarked about how he just looked like a simple young school boy,” says Peissig.
But appearances don’t match reality in the case of Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab. Agents say he was an extreme fanatic and a very dangerous man.
He was hell-bent on taking down a jumbo jet over Detroit with no consideration for the hundreds who would die in the plane and on the ground.
“He is completely different from any terrorist that I’ve had the ability to talk to,” explains Connelly. “Different because of his absolute devotion to Jihad. The degree of conviction that he had to the cause is unparalleled.”
We are glad his attempt to kill innocent people was foiled.
Photo Credit: Daily Mail

EFCC Arrests 24 Year-Old Currency Courier Trying to Smuggle $7 million Cash out of Nigeria

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has arrested a 24 year-old Nigerian,Abubakar Tijani Sheriff for attempting to travel with the sum of $7 million (N1, 120,000billion).
He was arrested at the Murtala Muhammed International airport, Lagos as he was trying to travel to Dubai aboard a United Arab Emirates flight on Thursday.
After his arrest, he said that he had a total sum of $4.5million. But when he was thouroughly searched, he was found to have $7,049,444 on him.
He later confessed that he was a courier for 20 individuals who hired him to take the money for them to Dubai. Authorities said that the money was proceeds from illegal deals and he is a suspected money laundering courier. He has already mentioned 20 prominent Nigerians who are the owners of the money.
The EFCC in a statement released by its spokesperson, Wilson Uwujaren to Sahara Reporters yesterday said that “Investigations by the EFCC showed that Sheriff is a regular traveller and one of several couriers of illegal cash suspected to be proceeds of crime.”
“Travellers leaving the country are statutorily required to declare cash in excess of $10,000. However, under the provisions of the Money Laundering Act, it is not sufficient to declare excess cash; the onus is on the person making the declaration to explain the source of the excess cash and the reason for the export.”
He is now being detained at the EFCC’s holding facility in Lagos pending his arraignment in court.
Photo Credit: Sahara Reporters

Nigerian Couple in the UK Busted for Trying to Claim £3.8m in Benefits Scam .

Adeola Thomas, 38, and his partner, Abimbola Abiola, 34, managed to pocket £87,000 after using 1,400 stolen identities to complete 2,495 handwritten tax and benefits claims forms.
And just like the other couple that was reported to have lavishly spent the money on a house in Nigeria, the pair spent the money on designer clothing and electrical items including a 50-inch plasma television.
The fraud was discovered when benefits staff at HM Revenue & Customs noticed they had received multiple tax credit claims from the same addresses. Subsequently, an investigation was launched.
Thomas’ hand-written application forms were analysed, computer records were checked, and hours of recorded calls to the Tax Credit Helpline were listened to and a surveillance operation was carried out. The HRMC investigators viewed CCTV footage showing activity outside various North London Post Office ATMs.
Thomas was eventually arrested at a cash point outside a Post Office in Hackney on October 7th last year. He was found to be in possession of 17 Post Office account cards in different names, two mobile phones and two fraudulently completed forms addressed to Jobcentre Plus.
When Abiola was arrested later the same day, she had £4,125 in her handbag. The mother-of-one claimed the money was her child benefit payment.
Daily Mail reports that the pair, who carried out the scam between January 3, 2007 and October 7, 2011, tried to claim £827,000 from HMRC, securing £43,000. They also claimed £3 million from the Department of Work and Pensions and received £44,000.
With Abiola’s help, Thomas used stolen personal details to complete 2,495 handwritten application forms, which were sent to the appropriate departments for processing.
Thomas, who also happens to be an illegal immigrant pleaded guilty to three counts of conspiracy to defraud and money laundering offences. Abiola, a Nigerian national with leave to remain in the UK was also found guilty of four counts of conspiracy to defraud, money laundering and possession of criminal property.
They were both sentenced to jail this week. Thomas was sentenced to seven years in jail while Abiola received two-and-a-half years sentence.

The Judge who read his sentence indicated Thomas should be deported after serving his time in the UK.

Monday, 24 September 2012

Something New...Let's get the party STARted..Ft 2face, Dbanj, Wizkid, Tiwa Savage and M.I

Nigeria's finest.. 2face, Dbanj, Wizkid, Tiwa Savage and M.I collaborate on this new hit...Produced by Jaysleek and directed by Clarence Peters. 

This seems like a promo for Nigerian Breweries, Makers of Star Beer.

Watch here

25yr old Man mauled by Tiger after jumping into its den...

25-year-old David Villalobos admitted that he deliberately jumped into the den as he was riding the Wild Asia Monorail ride at the zoo Friday.

Osaze odemwingie and wife expecting first baby....

Nigerian soccer international, Osaze Odemwingie and his wife are expecting their first child. He scored his first goal of the season against Liverpool and celebrated by placing the ball underneath his shirt.

After the match, he explained that the goal scored and celebration was for his wife and son they are expecting early next year.

Goodluck to them!!!!!

Former IG, Ehindero goes to jail... well... for now!!

Sunday Ehindero

 Sunday Ehindero is on trial for allegedly embezzling N16 million meant for the police force, while at the helm of affairs. The prosecutor, Independent Corrupt Practices and Other related offences commission(ICPC) said the money was the interest that accrued to over  N500 million donated to the police, for the procurement of arms, ammunition and riot control equipment, by the Bayelsa State Government. If you guys recall, another former IG, Tafa Balogun spent six months in jail for  embezzlement. 

This guy would probably get a pat of the back, just like Tafa... It's a Nigerian thing 

Woman Marries Her Father... Unknowingly!!!!

Valerie Spruill     An Ohio woman who unknowingly married her father says she is unsure whether he knew he was wed to his biological daughter before his death in 1998. “It is devastating. It can destroy you,” Valerie Spruill, 60, told CNN of learning eight years ago that she had been married to her father.

 A DNA test using hair from the late Percy Spruill’s brush confirmed the shocking news.
Valerie Spruill lived silently with the secret until this month, when she gave an interview to the Akron Beacon Journal to try and help others dealing with similar circumstances.
“I want this to be more of an inspirational story,” the 60-year-old told the newspaper. “If I’ve come through this, anyone can come through anything through the help of the Lord.”
Spruill, who lives in Doylestown, Ohio, says other members of her family knew the dark secret long before the news was revealed to her.
Whether her husband ever knew “I don’t know,” she told CNN. “That conversation didn’t come up … I think if he did know, there is no way he could have told me.”
Percy Spruill died in 1998 at the age of 60. The pair had been married for several years
Read the full story  here

If this happened to you, what would you do???

Male Teacher by Day, Female Prostitute by Night....

GUATEMALA CITY — Dressed as a man, the sixth-grade teacher leaves school and walks several blocks through a dangerous red-light district overrun with gangs and crack dealers,
Arriving at a friend’s home, a transformation begins. Off come wide-leg jeans, T-shirt and a baseball cap that hides long hair. After an extensive, two-hour makeup session, Linda Elizabeth Tylor Martinez emerges wearing a miniskirt and high heels.
Born a man, Tylor is a transgender woman who moves between two distinct lives: one male, one female.
Linda Elizabeth Tylor
Linda Elizabeth Tylor

This is an era when u want to date a girl, u must ask for pictures of her as a BABY GIRL. Unless of course this is your thing.. #justsaying#
Read more  HERE

New VIDEO: 2Face Idibia - Ihe Neme

2Face Idibia, One of Africa's finest Afro hip-hop stars is back with a banging new video. This dude keeps dropping hits after hits. 'Ihe Neme' is joyful, playful, colorful and full of fun, the video was directed by the very talented Clarence Peters.

watch out... 2Face Idibia practically speaks in 'Tongues' on this one!!!