Monday, 24 September 2012

Male Teacher by Day, Female Prostitute by Night....

GUATEMALA CITY — Dressed as a man, the sixth-grade teacher leaves school and walks several blocks through a dangerous red-light district overrun with gangs and crack dealers,
Arriving at a friend’s home, a transformation begins. Off come wide-leg jeans, T-shirt and a baseball cap that hides long hair. After an extensive, two-hour makeup session, Linda Elizabeth Tylor Martinez emerges wearing a miniskirt and high heels.
Born a man, Tylor is a transgender woman who moves between two distinct lives: one male, one female.
Linda Elizabeth Tylor
Linda Elizabeth Tylor

This is an era when u want to date a girl, u must ask for pictures of her as a BABY GIRL. Unless of course this is your thing.. #justsaying#
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  1. What are we not going to hear in these last days?

  2. We want Male Teacher in Primary School.But may be Male are not Interested to do Job in Primary School.