Monday, 30 July 2012

Plans to clampdown on sex workers...

A cross section of crowd at the London 2012 Olympics  Clampdown on sex workers around the Olympic Stadium may mean that most of the 15 condoms allocated to each of the 10,500 athlete in camp may have to be used in other areas.
At a major game such as the Olympics, sex itself is an athlete. The organisers may not have created a specific event for it but they recognise that it is a dominant force that has to be accommodated in certain ways.
This is evident in the number of condoms already awarded to the 10, 500 athletes in town – 150,000 coming to 15 per head. It does not matter whether or not you win any gold or bronze, everybody is thus a medalist when it comes to the condom largesse.
A mischievous folk says if he were the spouse or lover of any of the athletes, he would simply demand that they text to him the particulars of the condoms they received, so that on returning home, he would demand that they account for all the condoms allocated to them.
Beyond such a joke, the development has been raising nerves in some ways. Some people are alarmed that ‘unholy’ sex has to be so much anticipated and accommodated. But there is the indication that some athletes have already started putting the golden ‘gloves’ to appropriate use.
“There’s a lot of sex going on at the Olympics,” Daily Mirror quotes women’s football goalkeeper Hope Solo as saying. “I’ve seen athletes having sex out in the open, getting down and dirty on grass between buildings.”
It is not clear how long the saintly goal tender will be able to be a mere observer, and how many other athletes feel the way she appears to do. Curiously, the intra-camp sex festival – sexlympics, if you like – may be compounded by the fact that in the months that preceded the commencement of the games, the police drove away many sex workers around the Olympic camp in East London.

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