Tuesday, 26 June 2012

The world's biggest fast food restaurant

Bigger Mac: An exterior view of the world's largest McDonald's restaurant, their flagship outlet in the Olympic ParkService with a mile: Assistant manager Rachel Lucien stands at the long checkouts

When the Olympic Games begin in London next month, the capital will play host to the fittest, fastest and strongest athletes in the world.
But it will also be home to a rather different superlative – the biggest McDonald’s on the planet, right in the middle of the Olympic park.
So while the competitors stretch themselves to their very limits, hungry spectators will gorge on tens of thousands of burgers and portions of fries

The vast two-storey restaurant will serve up to 1,200 customers an hour and sell £3million of fast food during the Games.
At 3,000 sq ft the building, next to the Olympic Stadium, is bigger than the current largest McDonald’s, in Moscow.
The Russian restaurant will regain its title on September 9, however, when the London branch is bulldozed after the Paralympics closing ceremony.
Yesterday McDonald’s gave the media a preview of its flagship store, which includes 20 till points and 1,500 seats

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