Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Woman almost gets kicked off flight for showing too much...

Woman banned from flight over cleavage

A woman has been told she was revealing too much cleavage to board a flight from Las Vegas to new York.

The woman, identified only as Avital, was wearing a cotton dress when a staff member at Southwest Airlines told her she was dressed inappropriately.
The woman ignored the staff member, and boarded the flight anyway.
Speaking to The Sun, the woman said she couldn't understand the ruling.
"I didn't want to let the representative's big feelings about my breasts change the way I intended to board my flight," she said.
"And lo and behold, the plane didn't fall out of the cleavage did not interfere with the plane's ability to function properly."

Southwest airlines has apologised for the misunderstanding, and offered the scantily clad woman a full refund as a gesture of good faith.
However, the airline's spokeswoman stood by the need for passengers to dress appropriately.
"We simply ask that our customers use good judgement and exercise discretion in deference to other customers who depend on us to provide a comfortable travel experience."

Source: Yahoo News

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