Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Hate making your bed?...Read This...

Bed that can make itself

The simple act of making a bed is, for most of us, the first chore of each day.
Now the relentless march of technology threatens to bring to an end even this most straightforward of domestic tasks.
Spanish firm OHEA has unveiled its Smart Bed, an electronic bed that makes itself.
In just 50 seconds two mechanical arms, one on each side and each equipped with a roller, carry the blanket back to the head of the bed.
As it approaches, the pillows are lifted on two shelves allowing the blanket to neatly slot in underneath.
They are then lowered and the bed looks neat and is completely made.
What is more, the owner does not even have to remember to turn the device on.
A switch at the foot of the bed provides manual and automatic settings.
Flipped to automatic, the bed can sense when somebody has just got up and starts making itself three seconds later.
A built-in safety device ensures that it cannot operate when there is a person lying on the mattress.
Furniture maker OHEA has not yet set a price or release date for the Smart Bed, although it is listed as ‘coming soon’.
While a seemingly ideal device for those who hate making their bed every morning, the Smart Bed appears less-than-perfect for those who like to fluff and turnover their pillows
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  1. Lazy bones will surely love this, just be careful what you buy.