Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Creepy Indeed!!...Lady Gaga's Putting Her Blood in Her New Perfume


Sure, Lady Gaga puts her blood, sweat and tears into her performances, but does she really need to put them into her perfume?! Apparently, she thinks she does, because when her new perfume — Fame — hits stores in August, it will feature a sample of Gaga’s blood.
Gaga had once joked — or so we thought — that her perfume would be something like “eau de blood and semen” … she was only half joking, as it turns out. While the perfume won’t smell like blood (and how sad is it that we actually have to say that?), it will include a sample of Gaga’s blood and make its wearer smell like “an expensive hooker,” according to Gaga (via
As if the blood in the perfume didn’t creep out the non-Little Monsters among us enough, Gaga says Fame will also be a black liquid that changes colors once the wearer puts it on its skin.
“It puts the black liquid on its skin” … sorry, the whole vibe of this perfume is taking us to a super creepy, in this instance, Silence of the Lambs-y kinda place.
So what color will the perfume turn once you dab it on your skin? Good question, one that has not yet been answered by Gaga. We’d hope the perfume turns clear, but it’s coming from a woman who’s choosing to put her blood in it, so … wear it at your own risk is what we’re saying.
And for those super skeeved by the whole concept, let us give you a little something to be thankful for: remember, Gaga initially planned to have the perfume contain blood and semen. So, yay, no semen in the perfume!

Source : Limelife


  1. Manifesting according to her name. Simply crazy indeed!

  2. this is beyond crazy, its obviously as occultic under tone to it, no make that over tone, NB: i wont wear that perfume if its the last perfume in the world and i can afford it!