Monday, 25 June 2012

China Uses Chicken Waste To Generate Electricity

China Uses Chiken Manure To Generate Electricity
Housed in series of buildings with red roofs, a massive poultry farm outside Beijing is home to three million chickens.
The birds are stacked in racks from the floor to the ceiling and produce almost half a billion eggs every year.
The eggs are packaged at the Deqingyuan farm and then shipped to supermarkets across the capital, where the farm provides 70% of Beijing’s supplies.
But eggs are not the only product that these chickens create.
Every day they generate 212 tonnes of chicken manure, releasing an overpowering stench.
Instead of letting this go to waste, however, this farm sees it as an opportunity.
New sources
The chicken manure drops onto a conveyor belt, which takes it to a processing plant.
Methane gas is then extracted from the manure to generate electricity, which is sold to the national grid. The remaining manure is then turned into fertiliser.

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