Thursday, 17 May 2012

Nigerian Court Nullifies Police "Marriage Permit" -Female Cops Can Now Marry Without Permission From The Nigeria Police Force

Can you imagine this was still happening in 2012?, a female cop had to take permission to get married.. Who does that?'s what the constitution said before it was nullified by the court.

"A woman Police Officer who is desirous of marrying must first apply in writing to the Commissioner of Police for the State Command in which she is serving, requesting permission to marry and giving name, address and occupation of the person she intends to marry. Permission will be granted for the marriage if the intended husband is of good character and the woman police officer has served in the force for a period of not less than three years.”

I can't even understand why this had to go to court before it was nullified. How come it didn't apply to men. So many barbaric laws still needs to be changed..

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  1. Barbaric indeed. In the 21st century? This just goes to show that our constitution is full of junk and most constitution reform efforts are only directed to feed the greed of the rich. Keep up the good work.