Monday, 21 May 2012

Lil Wayne signs $150 million record deal? REALLY???

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Lil Wayne might have 150 million new reasons to celebrate.
It's been speculated that the rap star just signed a $150 million, 4-album deal to re-up with Cash Money Records.
While his label boss Bryan “Birdman” Williams wouldn't confirm the official sum, he did tell MTV Monday that “it's probably the biggest deal ever in urban music.”
"I'm blessed to even do that,” Birdman said of the rumored astronomical figure he paid to keep Wayne, who signed to Cash Money when he was just a kid. “Whatever my son want, he can get. It's all his anyway, so it don't really matter to me."
Without Wayne, the Young Money/Cash Money empire doesn't exist, Birdman added of the rapper's central position.
Personally, i don't know why people like his music, his sawg or dress sense...Lets just hope he doesn't end up broke like most of them do..
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