Monday, 14 May 2012


If were into Rap/hip-hop in the 90's , then you should remember the former bad boy records label rapper MA$E.

Mason Betha, also known as Mase, a multi-platinum-selling rapper from the late 1990s, who retired from the industry 13 years ago to become a pastor, is returning to the hip-hop scene once again. He is now looking back with regret at his faith formation and ordination.
In a TBN interview, Betha, 34, first tried to re-emerge from his initial retirement back into a rap career, he spoke about the people who worried about a return to hip-hop pulling the pastor away from his Christian calling.

Guess there is not as much money and women in the church compared to the rap game....
Lets wait and see if he still has the X-Factor that made him famous back then.
mase rapper turned pator turned rapper

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