Monday, 28 May 2012

Before You make that Facebook Post...Think Twice

A teenage girl learnt the meaning of oversharing on social media when she posted a photo of herself with a wad of her granny's cash on Facebook - and sparked a home invasion.
The 17-year-old girl was helping her grandmother count her personal savings in their Sydney home at 4pm (AEST) on Thursday when she took a photo of herself and the cash and posted it on her Facebook page.
At 11.30pm the same day two men armed with a knife and wooden club allegedly broke into the Southern Highlands house of the girl's mother demanding to talk to the girl about the money.
The woman told the intruders the girl no longer lived at the house but they searched it and made off with a small amount of cash and personal items.
Police said the case highlighted the need for care when posting on social media sites.
A spokesman said the intruders must have identified the girl in the "money shot", leading them to her mother's address.
"You would surmise that," he told AAP.
The intruders had their faces disguised but detectives are following a number of "positive leads" into their identity.
No one was injured during the incident.

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  1. This is just over share :) one of the many reasons why some people shouldn't have social media it would just get them into trouble :(